Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspirational photo shoot with Raquel Ames Photography

So today started oit like any other day. Except its sunday which makes it football day. Which is quite a fabulous day when the chargers game is away or local and not blacked out! Not that it mattered today.
Anyways i was asked by Raquel of Raquel Ames Photography to help fluff some waves and helpnwith makeup touch ups and lighting spots and all of a sudden im the one in front of the camera! We had talked for weeks and i guess i was wearing the right outfit! 
I did put on some motorcycle boots i bought for our trip to NY cause God knows i have nothin but flip flops and tank tops. It was a nice change. But we had been talking because i am getting back into writing music and singing which was my first love. I gave it up long ago because as silly and loud as i am i actuallu hate all eyes on me. So with my time off ive had a lot of inspirational moments and time to reflect, so all of a sudden i have several songs to put on a demo. So we may end up using these as they were very spur of the moment. 

   Anyways the shoot was inspired by me offering to do a few test shots for REA Photography and she just kept snspping away, as i ice my back, heres a preview of our fun day. 

The dandy fox

Vest, Liquid Leggings, cream tank :Forever 21
Blue Studded Boots:
Hair band: Urban Outfitters

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Natural beauty on a budget

So I've been bored and playing with my Urban Decays Naked 2 Palette and have been doing a more modern and thinner winged liner for a softer look, always with Stilas Stay All Day Waterproof liquid liner. urban Decays palettes are a great investment for the budget girl.  The shadows last a while because the company produces very pigmented colors. Beautiful and vegan friendly as well. Making sure these fingers dont get rusty as im not wearing makeup suring this recovery! One thing about doing makeup is that every face is different, just like hair. Every eye shape need its shadow placement to cater to it. And whenever in doubt about your shadow. Take a larger shadow brush, dip it in your face powder and blend baby! Never walk out with panda shadow!!  
 Everybody can pull something new and fun off, but you have to stay in your clients comfort zones. I personally need a lot of coverage because i so have acne and hyper pigmentation, but  i prefer natural and what i call "bridal colors" i always stay within two shades of my natural lip color, or if I'm feeling bold i willkeep my  eyeshadow neutral and rock a link or orange red that flatters my olive skin. 
For this look i used a softer brush to apply  Pistol to my crease generously. I then used Verve on my inner to middle lid and used Suspect on my outer lid and blended that into the beginning of my crease where i had applied Pistol. I then lightly dotted Bootycall on my inner eye to make my eyes pop, then i used Foxy on my brow bone and blended slightly down so prevent panda look. How much you blend is up to how dramatic you like your look. I then used a thin flat wide brush, you can also use white eyeliner, and applied Verve to my lower waterline to make my eyes pop more because they are naturally almond shaped. I then finished with my    Trusty Stila's  all day liner and i start from my inside eye and then follow through and keep me brush angled close to my face and wing. If you mess up just keep some q tips on hand with eye makeup remover.You'll  get it! Every eye is different and unique! Try it and leave some comments or pictures of your looks! 

The Dandy Fox