Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspirational photo shoot with Raquel Ames Photography

So today started oit like any other day. Except its sunday which makes it football day. Which is quite a fabulous day when the chargers game is away or local and not blacked out! Not that it mattered today.
Anyways i was asked by Raquel of Raquel Ames Photography to help fluff some waves and helpnwith makeup touch ups and lighting spots and all of a sudden im the one in front of the camera! We had talked for weeks and i guess i was wearing the right outfit! 
I did put on some motorcycle boots i bought for our trip to NY cause God knows i have nothin but flip flops and tank tops. It was a nice change. But we had been talking because i am getting back into writing music and singing which was my first love. I gave it up long ago because as silly and loud as i am i actuallu hate all eyes on me. So with my time off ive had a lot of inspirational moments and time to reflect, so all of a sudden i have several songs to put on a demo. So we may end up using these as they were very spur of the moment. 

   Anyways the shoot was inspired by me offering to do a few test shots for REA Photography and she just kept snspping away, as i ice my back, heres a preview of our fun day. 

The dandy fox

Vest, Liquid Leggings, cream tank :Forever 21
Blue Studded Boots:
Hair band: Urban Outfitters

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