Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Subtle smokey eye

So a lot of people always want to know how to do a smokey eye. No matter the tutorial everyone's eye shape is different. I'm posting one for a general eye shape as it works for a broad spectrum of shapes. My eyes are personally on the almond side and are I have a medium sized palette to work with. But this will work for small eyes, hooded eyes, big eyes, you name it.
First make sure you don't have plastic brushes, having good fluffy brushes is the key to blending anything that comes out looking harsh. If you don't have good brushes....use your god given ones....your cute little fingers!! The photo below shows the my brushes in the order I use them from left to right, ending with my winged liner then mascara.

I also use Urban Decays Naked Palettes ALOT!!! These are colors I used from Naked Palette 1

1) Use the darker color shadow on the outer part of your lid and work inward, don't go too far up into the crease, it'll turn it into a more dramatic smokey eye if you do and that's where challenges and raccoon eyes are born for newbies. I used UD's Darkhorse

2) Next use your medium color shadow to blend the middle of your lid and work your way to the inner part of your lid until where your iris ends. I used UD's Buck

3) Then take your lightest color and work on your inner lid to the inner corner of your eye. I used UD's Naked.

4) Take a small smudger brush and use the same original dark shadow color and line your lower lash line. This will help keep a nice and natural flow to the smokey effect without the hard edges.

5) Last, Take your original big fluff brush (or finger) and blend all the colors across into your crease, working your way inwards from your outer eye.

A lot of people always complement my winged liner as well. I prefer Stila's waterproof eyeliner pen.

6) Get as close to your lashes as possible, don't worry, with a pen you can go back and fill in the funny spaces. Then imagine a line from your lower lash line that goes up, use this as a guide the draw your wing. This will give you that upward winged look and it creates a look of long dramatic lashes.

Voila!!!! Try not to kiss yourself,

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