Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is the dandy fox?

So the idea for the dandy fox came about around after the time I got married. Well, when I had a wedding should I say. I am a hairstylist and makeup artist by trade so my natural gravitation towards everything pretty is uncontrollable. I spend most of my time working as a full time hairstylist and makeup artist from a kids cut to a photo shoot.
Recently, life has asked me to slow down. I suffer from several degenerative spinal disorders that are usually found in an 80 year olds back. not a 20-something year olds. So while I'm spending all my off time off my feet, I've had quite the downtime to obsess over food, art, weddings, babies, diy and how to pull all these wonderful things off whilst being broke.
I spent a year of my life planning such a huge day. From putting together my handmade invitation suites to mixing paint to get just the right shade of mint for my handmade bouquets, I fell in love with the world of love and art and how blogging has allowed is to share every bit of us that is those things. I am by no means calling myself a fashionista or an artist or anything for that matter. Just a stylist who lives in a little beach town that needs to get a few things off my chest and into a piece of paper. Er.....post I mean. I'm hoping to document thing things that I love about my own life and the little things that I find exciting and interesting. I hope you enjoy this as much as I hope to.

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