Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beat the heat with water sweets!

 Okay so maybe you are having a small get together, friends over, shower, or maybe you are just sitting alone and soaking up the sun on your patio or couch! It's a great way to make your water taste amazing!
 (who needs Mio? That stuff freaks me out! It's like hair dye for water. Yikes!)
This can be made in a single serving as I did, or in a pitcher or drink server. I prefer glass servers because drinks stay colder longer!
* First fill your beverage server with about just over half full (to prevent overflowin!) with cold fresh water. 

* Next, select your fruit of choice. For mine I picked strawberries and green grapes. Slice your fruit small enough to fit well in ratio to the size of your serving container. If you are trying larger, circular fruits (or veggies) slice them garnish style to keep the circular shape and then cut that in half to bring out its juices and flavor!
* Third step, pop those fruity tootys in and add just a pinch a raw sugar, stevia and cane sugar work well too. 
 Some fruit is less dense so it will float to the top, so grab a muddle or spoon and muddle the fruit slightly to release its flavor into the water. Three or four muddles tops, you want your fruit to be somewhat intact otherwise it's just asking for someone to choke! Then let the fruit sit and relax for a bit.

*Alright! Smells good right?! So now give it a swirl, and add ice, just enough to keep it cool. Pop a little garnish on it or even sugar the  and a straw and you are ready to sip on a delicious twist on good old water! Now grab your cutest hat with some sunscreen and so sip in sweet summer style!

This easy mock tail recipe works great for non colored sodas, sparkling water and alcohol or champagne as well. I have also done this with Hansens cherry vanilla Creme, a shot of blueberry Stolichnaya vodka or if using regular vodka just a dash of Triple Sec and it is absolutely delicious. This recipe is just a great way to kill the sweet tooth and get hydrated with something healthy like fruits!  Enjoy!   

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