Monday, May 27, 2013

Local latte love

       My goal on this blog is to pay some homage to the city I love and live in. South Oceanside! Yes it's a military city, so Happy Memorial Day!!!! But Oceanside is full of kitschy, trendy and eclectic spots and pretty much a little weird. The beaches here are absolutely beautiful and the only thing that separates us from cookie cutter robot Carlsbad is a swamp....hahah. Any shoo the other day I was able to visit with a friend at Petite Madeline's. A local French patisserie and breakfast spot. Even their water is amazing! You can self serve a refreshing glass of water infused with cucumber and orchid, while soaking in the original antique rafters, tin tile, and absolutely delicious and health conscious menu. It is located in the original Oceanside Surf Museum location, but with huge windows that allow you a cool view of the local passerbys our amazing and original Art Deco style city hall, the brick outside on the corner alone is older than my grandmother. Take a peek an check it out for some great local eats and delicious beverages only a few blocks from the longest wooden pier on the west coast reaching almost 2000 ft. Oceanside alone is also ranked 2nd in the United States with the best weather in the United States. Need I say more.....oh and there isn't a stitch of suburbia seen in downtown Oceanside.

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