Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minty and mod

Okay so I'll be honest, right now I'm temporarily handicap so I do not have a crafty post but I have a goal set for my first restoration project when I'm able to do this. I worked on a project last year, called Bettie's and bullies. 
I have a huge passion for the bully breeds of dogs out there, since I own one myself and she is the sweetest little piggie ever. I wanted to start a caus that would bring attention and positive light towards a breed that is so misunderstood and so heavily abused. We even worked  On an awesome 2012 calendar as part of our purpose was to raise money to donate to the  bully breed shelters that struggle. I had to put the project in hold because my back wasn't allowing me to do the fundraisers  to raise money for projects and when if cancel those, it would come outta my pocket. While I'm on hiatus from this dream until recovered I still love and have passion and I chose to personally make a monthly voice to support a different bully breed rescue every month till I'm back in my feet. 
Point is! Miss September featuring the beautiful Ashley k. and Miss Lola, but I scoured the land and found an amazing mod style desk. The calendar was shot by Scott Saw from Vixen Photography and done in a pin up fashion. So the month isSeptember is "educate don't discriminate". The tone was set with a mod desk and amazing era appropriate vintage typewriter. I loved the desk so much I kept it! It just needs my TLC!
   The best part about old furniture is usually it was custom. So when you repurpose old furniture, it has the best bones money can buy. 
With a good sander
A couple of quirky knobs
A little wood glue just in case!...
And your favorite paint. 
....the possibilities are endless! 
Some of you may be familiar with the paint color "Mint Milkshake"
It's on the green side of turquoise and I'm obsessed with it, it was one of my wedding colors
But I'm it hung to get started in it so I can share the post! 

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