Saturday, July 20, 2013

Head wrap

Lots of things happening this week. First my mom is moving in with us, which is already proving interesting.
Most importantly I'm getting my operation on Friday. I'm excited, nervous and totally freaked all in one. I have my pre op appointment on my blog has fallen by the wayside these days. Anxiety fuels the pain and makes it worse so I just attempt Lamaze breathing to help, hahah. Ill be out for four to 6 months so I'm hoping its only 4 because if you know me I like to keep busy, have fun, and make people pretty! 
Tomorrow will be my last day cutting and coloring hair for a while, which in itself is surreal because I have never been without. Working in 12 years so its strange and foreign. 
It's exciting and sad, where I work is an awesome place not just full of talented people, but people that I also call friends. They have been a huge support to me and have watched me crumble, cry, complain, and change over the last few years. I love them all and will miss them, but I'm quite the zip n fighter so hopefully ill be "back" in action soon.
I also managed to find the most amazing foundation for my skin, from Napoleon. Their foundation stick is creme to powder, and eliminates the need for concealer and powder. And it works for all skin types, is waterproof, talc and paraben free and feels like you are barely wearing a thing. I do set it with a little translucent powder, but I needed something quick for when I have hospital visitors! All the meds and stress have caused quite the breakouts, but since I switched back to Cerave my skin is finally clearing up! 
 We were also graciously gifted with roundtrip tickets to New York to visit my husbands parents for the new year as a surprise, so I really have something to fuel my recovery besides the usual normal enjoyment s of lower extremities in your 20s.....ahem
So I hope I can keep y'all posted on this strange and different journey I am about to embark on, I have no doubt it's going to be quite a ride. It has already taught me so much. Lessons I hope I physically never have to learn again, but that I will take the strength, compassion and faith with me forever. 
Xo for tonight
The dandy fox 

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