Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 hair trends

So I may love to blog and craft but my number one favorite thing to write about and my personal expertise falls in the beauty industry. I am a hairstylist and makeup artist by trade and have been the beauty industry for over a decade. 
Now that I've made myself sound old, I want readers to dust their winter hairs off since spring is right around the corner and keep your heads up for some fall trends you can ask your hairstylist or colorist about. 
This year is what I call the year of the sun. Warm tones are the trend this year. We saw a bit of it at the end of last year in darker hues, but by nature it is the most natural look because the sun will always naturally hilight hair in a warm tone. Here are some shade variations besides the big trend that the beauty gurus are calling BRONDE! 
While you can't go wrong with a beautiful cool ash's not what's on the celeb list this year. At best you'll see honey, caramel, walnut, apricot and chocolate tones....think dessert!


Now hopefully I've successfully made you all hungry!....keep this in mind. These colors are great examples of controlled warmth. A true colorist can find ways to achieve these looks without having to use a lightner. Try asking your stylist for subtle tones and ask them if they think using a "high lift" hilight can achieve the look you want. Whether you are incorporating it with an all over color, you'll want to include "lowlights" into your color to break up and create a transition between the lighter and darker color. This will give is a more natural look. Remember a lowlight doesn't necessarily mean dark, it means any shade that is darker than your all over level of color. It could even be slightly one shade darker to create a real catch in the eye. Same goes for a "highlight". It doesn't mean blonde, it means any shade that's generally lighter than what you currently have. The closer together the shades, the more natural your color will look. If you want more contrast go brighter and darker. 
This year I encourage you "honeys" to not be afraid of being "brassy".
If you are afraid of the maintenance or don't want to commit to an all over color, ask your stylist for a demi permanent shade close to your own. This will fade naturally, it will only blend grey as it is not permanent. But you won't have a hard re growth line to stare at everytime you look in the mirror. Still too much? Try a gloss. It's applied and processed just like a color except it adds shine, seals your cuticle and gives your natural color a very subtle pop. 
Either way,  I encourage everyone to try something new this year. Whether it be orange red lipstick, that looks good on nearly every skin tone, go BRONDE, or cut all your split ends off and try a LOB! That's a Long Bob...incase you were wondering if I just make up words baba. 2014 is supposed to be a very good year.......if you are in the North San Diego area come stop by and get a consultation by myself! Email me for any questions or if you just want to say hi! 

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