Monday, February 24, 2014

Mixed tape

Well today was interesting. I came across a lot of old CDs. So old and having bounced around over the last 15 years I doubt they play. But they are one of the only of concrete things that I own pre- fire. It reminds me of change. So much has changed, yet many things are steadfast. I am also listening to my music selection from my wedding which was very good and original, might I add. In 2007 I was graduating Beauty school, living it up with friends, falling in love with my now husband, and just learning how to balance life. Now 7 years later, I am still the stubborn girl I was but I'm a little harder. I am now facing a crossroad in life. Over the last two years I've been disabled by pain from degenerative back problems, which has been quoted the "mixed" blessing in itself. It has taught me how to let go. As much as our thoughts and actions affect and plant and water the seeds of our destiny, it's the faith of letting go that makes the deepest roots take. As many times as I've been brought to my knees, confused, been lucky, and very lost....I have never settled. And I have never pretended that what I do have is something that it's not. It is the most liberating feeling in the world. I trust in a greater existence to shape our path, even though I will continue to speak to my mountains and will speak of nothing but my belief in a big plan ahead of us. I have no agenda. Accept to pick up my mat, and walk. 

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