Monday, April 22, 2013


So I know 1 1/2 anniversary doesn't really count. But I thought I'd post considering a year and a half ago today at this time, I had just finished my wedding ceremony and was taking portrait photos with my amazing photographer Leila Brewster.
My husband is sleeping beside me right now. I'm prepping myself for spinal surgery this summer and I just took a spill and busted my knee right as he was on his way out the door to have an awesome day skating with the guys on a rare weekday off for him. After I cried for 45 minutes (while begging him to go have fun, I'm fine as my makeup is literally dripping all over me)
He rubs my back, waits for me to calm down then helps prob up my pillows for my back and tapes my knee up as only a skater would know how and iced it even though it made me scream. He stayed home with me and ordered me my favorite pizza. I'm such a dud. But I married a stud....mostly. Happy 1.5 honey. Even though you snore now.
And happy birthday to my little sis. You crazy bubs.

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