Monday, April 22, 2013

Rehab addiction continues

I call my husband the trash man. No he doesn't really bring home trash. Well sort of, but I'm talking amazing artwork, sea glass, antique telescopes. Anyways he brought home this cheap ikea esque shelf thingy once cause he wanted a place to organize and store some music stuff and I wanted to literally light it on fire. I tried to throw it out a couple of times but it always ended up back in the house.
Now that we have more room and I need some girly storage space I thought it was time to rehab with my trusty cabinet full of rustoleums 2x spray paint. And I had a wine rack that needed help.

I cleaned everything down
Buffed the boo boos out with steel wool# 0000 ( remember this grade also works to distress your furniture after painting or to add shine to furniture that is already finished with a sealant)
I painted the shelves in different colors cause I wanted a pop.
Let dry for an hour and then apply your second coat.
Voila. New and Matches our room color scheme that is slowly coming together!

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