Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY gel manicure tutorial

So a lot of gals are wondering how to get the gel manicure look at home for less. Well starting at $35 a pop usually, that adds up every two weeks. $70 every month for a basic gel manicure.....the math please.......thats a whopping $840 a year. $1000 if you want to throw tipping in. Plus the yuck uv light exposure on your hands.

With a few products and 15 minutes you can have the same look for much less. Here are the simple steps. No uv light needed!

Here are the tools you'll need
Gelous acrylic gel or Sally hansens powerful acrylic gel
Cuticle pusher, small coffee stirrers work well too.
Your favorite polish
Hand lotion

* Clip, file and clean under your nail tip as you see fit.
* Start by rubbing cuticle oil around your cuticles to soften them. I personally use avedas cuticle control cause its amazing. Then push back your cuticle to clean your nail bed. If you have a lot coming up I recommend using some cuticle clippers to clean up any major excess. Don't go crazy. They do at the nail salon and you still need some of your natural cuticle left to protect where your nail meets skin!
* Wash your hands and dry
* Apply some hand creme. I use Avedas Hand Relief. It's water resistant up to four washes, keeps them hydrated without being greasy so they stay youthful, and they reduce and prevent age spots on your hands!
* Wipe your nails clean with cotton and acetone

Now to paint! Remember several thin coats ADD UP so don't gunk on super thick layers of polish, just keep it simple. <3

* Apply one coat of Acrylic Gel Polish. Let dry.
* Apply one coat of your favorite nail polish and let dry
* Apply another coat of Acrylic Gel Polish and let dry
* Now apply TWO coats of your favorite polish and let dry.
* Finish with TWO coats of your Acrylic Gel Polish let dry.

Don't worry about the gels dry time, it actually dries pretty quickly. And during your last two coats of regular polish you can use glitter polish too or a nail pen for nail art to play it up, then add you last two coats of acrylic gel.

Your done! Seems like a lot of steps but its pretty nice to do when your watching your favorite show during commercial breaks. Here are the links to purchase the products or you can stop by my salon in Carlsbad,ca at Earth Salon and Spa. You can check out our services or even possibly get a complimentary hand massage so you can test out how amazing the hand relief is for yourself!! Tell them Chelsea sent you!

Gelous advanced nail gel
Sally Hansens Powerful Acrylic Gel
Avedas Hand Relief Lotion
Avedas Cuticle Control

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