Monday, April 8, 2013

Rehab addict

So I really have to hand it to Rustoleum's American Accents. I go for there 2x matte spray for furniture since you get a double coating in one coat. You can always go back and spray a gloss finish if you want. This is a vintage Broyhill headboard I wanted to keep but we needed to rehab it.

First you are want to grab some face masks and gloves for protection. Most paint is pretty unhealthy to breathe in no matter what.

Wipe down your furniture piece well to make sure its clean and there's no chipping and if there are holes you can purchase wood glue to fill and use 220 sandpaper once it's dry to smooth out any lumps and bumps.

Next you are going to want to use #0000
Grade steel wool. This is a great way to smooth out the piece and create the perfect amount of porosity to paint. It's also great to use as a paint distressed once its dried if you are going for a more rustic and distressed look.

Now it's time to spray!

I love spray paint because you get better control than a brush. Just remember to shake it for about a minute before application. Start at the top of your furniture piece and hold your can about five inches from your furniture piece so that you don't cause splats or dripping. Go back and forth to create a smooth look. Work from top to bottom. Let your piece dry for about 30 minutes and repeat the spray process. Let dry. If there's any blotchy spots you can address them now that the furniture is complete and when it's dry you get a true concept of how the paint finishes.

Now set it up and dress it up with some great accent pieces!

What do you think? So fun!

All my products were purchased at
Wal mart!
Rustoleum American Accent Ultra cover 2x
Bag of steel wood #0000
Face masks

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