Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday facelift Strawberry & Coconut Milkcakes!!

Okay, what are Milkcakes? Well they are cupcakes but i like to call them milk cakes cause it reminds me a little of the way a milkshake tastes, and made with Unsweetened Coconut Milk, and coconut oil instead of your normal unhealthy ingredients.
Now I can Not cook. It's horrible, I burn popcorn, but for some reason I can make drinks, desserts and dips and salsas. I even burn popcorn. My husband is the real cook. 
This recipe is fairly easy given the right temperature and products (I have a degenerative back and I used a baking spoon. So I pulled up a chair and mixed on our island with my tens unit and cute little baking apron on, cause i was determined and headed for success!!

I use LouAnas pure coconut oil and I definitely use unsweetened coconut milk. Both products have just a hint of that underpaying coconut taste, almost where you would barely even notice it.  Here's the list of products you shall need for the deed!!

While your at it preheat your oven to 350@ degrees. Here's what your prep table will look like. Then wash your mitts!

I also use Layer Bake Shop for vintage inspired baking supplies if I can't find them on etsy!
I used paper straws to give the Milkcakes the Milkshake look. And they are so cute, so perfect for get together s or parties, 

You'll want to add you strawberry cake mix last
* Remember Coconut oil hardens under 70@ degrees so make sure it's a little warm and in liquid form when you use it. You can use a microwave for a couple seconds or let the container sit on your oven, it'll go liquid in less than a minute! 
* Also, coconut milk is refrigerated, so make sure that is warmed to when you mix. It has the same consistency as regular milk so it's quite cold and when you pour it in with coconut oil, cold milk will harden it and you will be mixing little beads of coconut oil till kingdom come!

Take your warmed 1/4 cup of Coconut oil
Your warmed 1 cup of coconut milk
Your two tablespoons of warm water
And your 3 little eggs 

And pour them all in your mixing bowl and whisk away, or set you mixer at medium till its nice and liquidy! 
Now pour you Strawberry mix into the bowl and whisk till its smooth!!

Once you are smoother than Sade, pour your mix into your baking cups.
* with any cup size don't fill it all the way to the top. This will give it room to grow and get its Lil muffin top in the oven. Now pop me in. Let them bake for 19 to 23 minutes approximately. At the 19 minute mark you could try the old fashioned toothpick test. If anything sticks it just needs a little longer. 

Now for your straws.
Cut them in three inch sections, angling your scissors diagonally so that you can use the pointy side to push into your Milkcakes.

Now your cakes have cooked.
When you pull them out of the oven, let them cool for a good 20 to thirty minutes since cream cheese frosting is heat sensitive like buttercream. 
Once they are cool, pop open your cream cheese whipped frosting. I give it a few spoon swirls to soften it up for frosting the cakes. 
Then use a baking spatula or butter knife 

One they've all been lathered up nicely....pop them in the refrigerator! Mine sat overnight cause it was past my bedtime but 20/30 minutes will do, enough to allow the frosting to dry. 

Now pull me out and pop those cute little straws in them on an angle, and find a cute plate to serve them on. Enjoy! And try not to eat them all!....or at least not 7 like I did...I made minis okay!!!

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