Monday, May 6, 2013

Ombré glitter chevron print on canvas

Happy Monday readers!! It's chilly here in oceanside and I had some downtime (as one does with a bad back often) this weekend to get into the craft box since my hubby worked on his "man space" in the garage.
A lot of the items i used to craft is all repurposed from my wedding so I was really surprised to find that I still had alot of stuff. Even though the wedding was only a year and a half ago.
So if you like this dandy little craft here's the easy how to. ( Side note: This is also how I'm working on repurposing a dresser since I'd rather make my own Chevron print stencil a la Frog tape than pay for a stencil. It's pretty easy on bugger surfaces with a tape measure of ruler. )

Here are the items you'll need
* CANVAS (I have alot of 5x7 & 8x11 from micheals cause they are cheap)
* FROG TAPE (yes the paint block technology is an actual thing that works. I joked till I found its true)
* GLITTER GLUE (mod podge, gel medium, acrylic paint works too)
* KESHA, OH I MEAN GLITTER (I have a pack of vintage leaflet glitter from Martha Stewarts line which comes in a ton of great colors and mix well, but you can use whatever you have)
*PAINT BRUSH OR SPONGE BRUSH APPLICATOR (to pack the glitter once applied so you don't end up like Kesha)

Remember you can also do this with watercolor or acrylic paint for a more contemporary style.

First you are going to want to mark off your chevron print. I found that 2 inch
strips of frog tape worked well.
Start from left to right and work the next strip of tape overlapping the previous slightly (make sure they are lined up good so you get even lines). Keep each chevron line about an inch apart.
Make sure you go over the tape with your fingers so it is nice and flat and secures well to the canvas. It's okay if you have seams from tape strips overlapping, that won't matter.
Once you have all your frog tape in place, generously apply your form of glue or paint in the open or blank areas. Go section by section so you don't get dried out.
Sprinkle your glitter generously all over the glued areas. I used a brush/sponge to help spread and pack the glitter in there so I had no "naked" spots.
Work your way down section by section until your canvas is completely glittered or painted.
Now be a patient little fox and let this pretty dry. I left for work and came home later so this had around 4 hours to dry. It probably only needs 1 or 2 hours max to dry.
If you used glitter, shake any excess glitter off of your canvas.
Now it's time to peel!!
Start peeling the frog tape from left to right, as this is how you would have applied the frog tape originally. Go slowly, so not to stress the glittered or painted areas. This part is actually kind of fun, you'll see how well frog tape does block out everything!
Once all the tape is removed, give it a little shake and tap the edges to let any more excess fall off.
That's it! Now don't go crazy and chevron your entire house like I have!

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