Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tennessee taste for Weekly Wednesday Wants

So many readers have probably been lucky enough to catch the first debut season of the abc show, Nashville. 
First and foremost, my obsession with Nashville originally began in high school and with a daddy from the heart of Texas, football and country is in my blood whether I like it or not. I've always been a bluegrass, folky acoustical lover so this show hit me in many ways. My dad has always worked behind the scenes as a producer and well, my mom was a singer. Everything from rock to soul, blues, and gospel, she could sing  it...well. I always thought I would fall right into what they did, truth is I absolutely hate being stared at! 
I spent the first 14 years of my life as an only child so I had alot of time to kill, after going to many rehearsals and soundchecks in my life, and several years of piano and guitar, I used alot of time to write. At first it was just poetry but when I got my own guitar ( instead of one of moms) I couldn't stop writing. No matter what, it's always been an outlet for me no matter what has caused it. 
Since then, my family home burned down 6 years go my writing of 10 years along with two guitars and my keyboard went in flames. 
Then I stopped completely. Gave it up. But.......
With surgery pending, I'm going to need a other creative outlet so I think  it's fine to crack my fingers and dust off my heart. This set is part of the Weekly Wednesday Wants as the show is quite inspiring. At least musically. Check out my set and the show on Wednesdays on abc!! 

Tennessee taste

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