Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Personalize the impersonal.

Okay so today I'm blogging on how to make my personally favorite present, a gift card...... personal!
A lot of people seem to think that they are impersonal, but since I'm not rolling in cash I can't just shop whenever I'd like. Getting a gift card gives me an experience that I can't often afford myself, I'm a crafter and sale finder. I find a lot of random designer stuff on sale because I just refuse to pay full price for most things. So gift cards are as good as gold to me. While they come on a cardboard thingy and there are actual gift card boxes you can use....making the packaging is alot more special.
This tutorial is actually a gift for my moms Mother's Day present. I hope she doesn't read this before she opens it!
First you are going to need your supplies to get started. Any smaller envelope will do, I actually reused the leftover RSVP envelopes we had from our wedding.
Craft paper
Die cutters
Jute twine or bakers twine
Beads and fish wire (optional for added decor)
Ink pad

* First, you are going to want to select which craft paper to use. I used two different ones to create contrast of the two shapes.
* I took my assorted markers and made little polka dots on the envelope face that matches the colors of the craft paper chosen.
* I then used the die cutters to easy cut the shapes that I wanted for the envelope cover.
* Apply glue generously to larger cutout and place where you'd like on the envelope face. Let dry for a few seconds, then apply the second, smaller cutout if you wish. Let dry.
* Use your gift card to crest a template for craft paper that will match the die cuts on the front. Make sure it's larger than the gift card, but small enough to insert smoothly into your envelope. Now lick n seal it!

* Now that your at the back of the envelope anyways, it's time to make a fingerprint heart! Pick your favorite finger (I picked my thumb because it is the strongest and most useful, just like my mommy). For me, this personalized my crafting the most, after all my fingerprints only exist because of my parents.
* First press your thumb into the ink pad and use some test paper first to see how much control you have of your print transfer. Now do the same on the sealed part of your envelope, once pointing your finger left, then re ink your finger and repeat by slightly over lapping the previous print with this time your finger pointed to the right. Now you have a heart shape with your finger.

* Now cut your choice of wire or twine. I cut mine about a foot and a half in length to give myself room for error. This method works for ribbon wrapping for presents as well.

* Lay your twine vertically and place your envelope face down on top of it with your twine underneath in the middle. Bring each side of your twine across the envelope and when they meet in the middle, change direction and cross the twine over and being to pull horizontally. This will give you that crossed look in the back.

* While holding the twine in place, flip the envelope face up. Tie a knot to secure , not too tight cause you will start to rip and pull the edges of your envelope. Now you can insert any charms or bears that you want to add and tie that fish wire at an area of twine close to the base of your knot.

*Now finish it off my tying a bow. Trim any excess left of twine.
* Your done! Now you have an amazing personalized gift card.

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