Monday, May 20, 2013

Pretty Lil Pucker

So.....a lot of ladies think they can't wear a lot of lip colors. Well I say you can. While certain skin tones should stick to different shades of certain colors...there are many ways to make your lipstick POP and stay put without shelling out bucks for  "lip primer". We all have different lip pigments as well.
 Ladies that have thinner skin tend to have more color to their lips naturally so colors stand out differently on them.


Here's a quick trick on how to make you lipstick pop! 
I used and Have a personal obsession with Aveda's nourish-mint lip glaze
It has an amazing amount of pigment, paraben free, and tastes of sugar and mint. 
The mint actually acts as a natural lip plumper minus the sting.

First make sure that your pretty pout isn't chappy! Then take your concealer and blot over your lips with a sponge. This will give your lips a plain, even palette, and yes you will look slightly dead....

Then grab a lip liner closest to your natural lip color

Then pick your poison!!

And apply generously, remember...stay in the lines!!! 

Voila. Lasts a lot longer than your standard quick application. 

That's it! Here's a pic from a fabulous flea market that happens to be in the middle of cookie cutter suburbia, trust me i was not there on purpose. If you ever want to hear stories, go to flea markets and estate'll make friends quick! And also need to set a time limit so you don't end up buying them out of their vintage and upcycled awesomeness!!! 

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